Job: project manager-to Ethiopia

  • Location:

    Israel, Tel Aviv

As part of an agricultural development project that the organization is a partner in, the organization is recruiting a project manager who will be based in Embu, Kenya and will manage the project. azimut is looking for an employee who is interested in committing for a long period (two years and above) and to grow within and together with the organization. The development horizon starts with a field manager who manages the day-to-day activities of the farm in Embu, continues with managing the various projects in the country and among other things is responsible for all communication with the various partners and reaches the country manager who will be responsible for all future activities in the country 

A flight to Israel once every three months at the organization's expense. 2 additional flights will be allowed at the employee's expense.

For every work trip outside of Kenya, the employee will receive per diem - the per diem amount will be determined according to the destination of the trip

Housing will be in Don Bosco Embu

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