Job: application specialist / clinical trial technician

  • Location:

    Israel, Tel Aviv

looking for an application specialist / clinical trial technician.

The role includes performing a wide range of clinical trials as part of the development process and regulation.The trials are performed in a clinical environment such as hospitals, clinics, blood banks and more.

Skills required:

• Basic background in medicine or experience in previous work in a company in a similar field

• Ability to perform clinical trials in hospitals (operating rooms, intensive care units) clinics, blood banks

• High technical ability for understanding the technology and handling faults in real time

• High representative ability in front of medical staff / subjects

• Graduate of the CRA GCP course - an advantage

• Full command of English (additional languages ​​advantage)

• Ability to work independently (includes improvement processes)

• Ability to work in a team, good interpersonal skills

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