Job: Business Development Manager Good familiarity with the financial world

  • Location:

    Israel, Rehovot

Business Development Manager

Good familiarity with the financial world

To have overall responsibility for business innovation and development, including developing growth engines, new products and services, reaching additional target audiences to increase company revenue and profitability.

Job Description:

To have professional and managerial responsibility for the company's business development in accordance with corporate strategy.

To be very familiar with the market alongside the company's areas of activity.

To initiate new products and services, penetration into new markets, and to think of innovative engines for business growth.

To identify business opportunities and expand business activities by thinking about new and innovative marketing directions through managing market research/surveys, analyzing financial and operational data, and examining the economic feasibility of new business possibilities.

To maximize the organization's resources for growth and gaining a competitive advantage in the market.

To collect business information and track developments in markets close to the company's businesses and analyze them into professional position papers.

To set goals and a work plan in areas of activity and determine how to use resources to meet objectives and timelines.

To represent the company to regulatory bodies and others in areas under his responsibility with an emphasis on business development and promoting the interests of the company.

To accompany all activities from the business development stage to the execution of daily work.

Job Requirements:

 Bachelor's degree in relevant fields

- Experience as a business development manager

- Good familiarity with the financial world,

- Experience working with regulatory bodies.

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