Вакансія: PHP - remote

  • Локація:

    Україна, Київ

AboutHR is looking for a PHP Developer to join the team of our Customer, Berlin-based edtech company which helps school teachers to share their work with colleagues and make money. 

Required skills:

  • good skills in PHP (2+ years of experience);

  • distributed applications knowledge: network errors, mutual locks, race conditions, rate limits, data consistency problems, approaches to solving them;

  • handy with any mainstream RDBMS, ideally MySQL;

  • basic Docker skills;

  • English (oral, written). Enough to discuss work-related topics. 

Additional points for:

  • knowledge of Swoole and ElasticSearch ;

  • experience with RabbitMQ;

  • practicing 12 factor app principles.

Technologies on the project:

  • а piece of monolith (Symfony) on the way out;

  • microservices growing in number;

  • DO-hosted cloud servers setup, K8s, RabbitMQ, Docker;

  • MySQL (Percona), ClickHouse, ElasticSearch; 

  • React on front-end, RN for apps (all using same API);

  • attention to performance, code quality (via reviews), testing.

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