Job: Senior Backend Developer & Data Engineer Position - Platform team

  • Location:

    Israel, Tel Aviv

Senior Backend Developer & Data Engineer Position - Platform team

About the role:

AZIMUT is searching for a highly motivated and experienced developer to join our great

team. A curious person who loves programming challenges alongside product challenges.

The challenges will be from the front stage to solutions of software architecture, scale, data

research, tests, monitoring, cloud work (AWS) and code review. Together we will develop the

next generation system that will support all company websites data, advertising campaigns, 3rd

parties data and take the company to the next level. We are at a stage where there is very much

where to grow and the role is a key role in the company's technological leadership.

Job responsibilities:

● Building the company data lake.

● Working closely with the VP R&D and product manager to define the core company


● Design & Implement from scratch a core product of the company

● Implementation of architecture at all stages of development (code | design | ci / cd |

monitoring | scale | big data)

● Research of the company's technological strategies, development of future systems

● Work with product, Marketing, Finance, Sales and R&D teams to deliver the best data

solution and insights that will help them better understand our customers, product

usage, or our own operations.

Required Skills & Experience:

● 7+ years of actual experience in software development and knowledge in software


● 5+ years experience with server side development

● 3+ years' experience working with Cloud computing services (AWS in particular)

● Experience with BI, analytics, ETL and data pipeline

● Experience working on high scales / BIG DATA and understanding data.

● Experience with different databases (sql and nonSql) and data structures.

● Experience working with Docker, Kubernetes and setting up services

● Experience solving issues around scalability and performance.

● Knowledge of source control, CI/CD pipelines and containers (Docker)

● Independent, reliable and can lead big projects.

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