About us

PersiaHR is an online solution for recruitment automation. Our main goal is to save recruiters’ time by automating routine operations and standard processes. Recruiting automation will save the budget for filling jobs.

We help internal recruiters and recruitment companies:

  • Automate all recruitment stages from creating a hiring request to sending a job offer
  • Organize recruitment teamwork and interaction between team members including those working remotely and in different locations/offices.
  • Close jobs faster by automating recruiting processes and standardizing operations (integrating with job portals for publishing jobs and receiving applications, automated resume parsing, message templates, etc.).
  • Engage hiring managers into the recruitment process.
  • Save recruitment budget by tracking candidate sources and recruitment channel effectiveness.
  • Constantly optimize the recruitment team processes and performance by providing statistical reports and recruitment funnel analytics.
  • Make the recruitment process more transparent and easier to control and manage.
  • Maintain security, integrity and availability of all the information stored in the system.

The name Persia stands for «personnel». And we just like the word.

We started in 2012 and since then have been successfully helping companies from Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Israel and other countries hire the best people and do it more efficiently.

Our office and the development and support team are located in Kharkiv, Ukraine.