Your centralized candidate database

Your centralized candidate database in PersiaHR

In PersiaHR, all your recruiters have access to a centralized candidate database and constantly contribute to it by collecting and updating candidate information from different sources. Recruitment will be much more efficient because you can save time by automating routine tasks.

You can add candidates to your database in several ways:

  • Upload from your device You can upload candidates’ resumes from your computer or mobile device.
  • Bulk upload If you have a large set of new candidates, you can pack all resumes in one archive (ZIP file) and bulk upload it. PersiaHR will automatically extract the files, and save all candidates to your database.
  • Upload by email Just forward emails with resumes attached to your personal email address in PersiaHR. The system will automatically add the candidate to your database.
  • Import from job search websites and social networks You can easily upload candidates’ resumes using the PersiaHR browser extension. It enables you to copy resumes from,,, and websites and save it to PersiaHR in just one click.

You can use the PersiaHR Extension in any Web browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera.

If a candidate is already in your database, PersiaHR will inform you about the duplicate and will suggest to update the old candidate profile or save as new. This is important for companies that carry out mass recruiting: with a large number of candidates, there is a high probability of resume duplication.

There’s no need to fill in all the candidates’ details manually! Persia automatically parses and extracts all main information about the candidate from the resume. Recruitment will become much faster!

In the candidate details page, you can access the full resume text straight in your browser. You don’t even need to use Microsoft Office or Open Office to open and review the resume files.