Recruitment teamwork

Recruitment Teamwork in PersiaHR

Teamwork is critical for recruitment. More and more companies split the hiring process between team members who specialize in specific positions or recruitment stages. PersiaHR enables your team to be sufficient and successful.

User roles

There are several user roles in PersiaHR that have different permission levels:

  • Account administrator
  • Recruiter
  • Sourcer
  • Client (hiring manager)

PersiaHR allows the recruitment team members with different permissions to collaborate effectively on closing jobs.

Shared candidate database

All the recruitment team members in your company have access to the candidate database and contribute to its growth and value. They can add resumes, search candidates, link them to open jobs, leave comments, edit candidate information.

This also allows for the recruitment process continuity and integrity. When a recruiter in charge of a job is not available, other team members can fill in seamlessly as they have access to all the candidate information and communications.

Sourcers and clients can only access candidates linked to jobs assigned to them.

Remote and distributed recruitment team support

Your team can access the system and work on filling jobs from any device that has an Internet connection.

No matter if your team sits in one office or is distributed over multiple locations and time zones — they can work efficiently together.

Include your clients in the process

Invite your clients/hiring managers to PersiaHR so that they can:

  • Create jobs (hiring requests)
  • Review and provide feedback on candidates who applied for their jobs: add comments, edit skills and categories, move candidates to further stages.
  • Monitor the recruiting process.
  • Browse the interview calendar to see scheduled interviews for their jobs.

Notification system

Persia’s powerful notifications system allows your team members to be on top of any changes to their jobs and candidates (the ones they added to the system or assigned to the jobs they are in charge of).

Each time your colleague takes any action on a candidate or leaves a comment, PersiaHR will notify you so that you won’t miss a thing.