Recruitment statistics and reports

Recruitment statistics and reports in PersiaHR

You can’t manage what you can’t measure!

Statistical data helps forecast time to fill a job, plan work for the recruitment team, measure and manage performance of the team members, and make recruitment processes more efficient in general. With PersiaHR, you can track important recruiting metrics.

The main metrics used in PersiaHR are:

  • Average time to fill a job. The most popular metric for assessing the team’s performance and planning the future work.
  • Statistics by closed jobs:
    • Number of applied candidates. This metric helps evaluate job ads’ performance and indirectly assess the number of potential candidates on the market.
    • Number of interviews required to fill a job helps to plan the future workload for the interviewers as well as forecast timelines for closing the job. This metric also may indicate the recruiters’ performance and can help figure out if only qualified candidates are invited to interviews.
    • Number of applications per interview shows how many candidates must apply for a job so that we can invite at least one of them to an interview.
  • Total number of interviews for the period helps to assess the recruiters’ workload.
  • Total number of candidates added to the system. The percentage of candidates linked to jobs can indirectly indicate the incoming candidates’ quality and the sourcing team performance (subject to the process configuration).
  • Candidate source analysis allows you to track the effectiveness of each channel with the following metrics:
    • Number and percentage of candidates by source.
    • Number of candidates moved to the next recruitment pipeline stage — by source.
    • Number of interviewed applicants — by source.
    • Number of applicants offered positions and hired — by source.

PersiaHR allows you to review all this information for the whole company in general as well as by individual recruiters.

Tracking statistics by recruiter allows you to:

  • Compare the recruiter’s performance to the company average.
  • Review all the jobs closed by the recruiter during a period.
  • Review the number of candidates allocated to each recruitment stage to monitor progress on filling the currently open positions.

Persia updates the statistical data every 24 hours so that the final numbers for each day are available next day. You will see the correct statistics for past periods even if the jobs, candidates, or users are no longer available in the system.

Recruitment funnel

The recruitment funnel in PersiaHR helps you improve your hiring processes. It also allows you to track progress on particular jobs and make timely corrective actions if required.

The recruitment funnel allows you to track:

  • Total number of candidates applied to the job.
  • Number of applicants at every recruitment stage.
  • Conversion rates for each recruitment stage.

With the statistical data provided by PersiaHR, you are empowered to make data-driven decisions to improve your recruitment processes, optimise costs, reduce time to hire, and increase the hiring quality overall.