Candidate attraction

Candidate attraction in PersiaHR

Persia not only allows you to organize all the candidate information in one place, it also helps you attract the best talent. Active personnel search with PersiaHR saves time and relieves you of the routine.

Career site

With PersiaHR, you can create a career website that allows you to:

  • Highlight the benefits of working at your company.
  • Post and update your current open positions.
  • Receive job applications from candidates.

The career site is included in all packages and you can start benefiting from it immediately:

  • Get an additional free tool for attracting candidates. Share links to the jobs published in the career site to social media, send them to appropriate candidates individually, include in job posts on external websites, use them as landing pages for context ads.
  • Control your advertising expenses. You can track how many users visited your job pages and what websites or social networks they came from.
  • Automate your processes and save your time. There’s an “Apply” button on every job page so that candidates can send you their resumes directly. PersiaHR will parse the resumes, add them to your database, and link it to the corresponding job automatically.

PersiaHR also helps you attract candidates by automating job posts to popular job boards.
Learn more about integration with job sites.