Implementation, customization and support

Implementation, customization and support in PersiaHR

PersiaHR is a web-based recruitment automation system that, in general, does not require much effort to get started. You can register your company account, invite your recruitment team and start using the personnel search system — the process is pretty straightforward and many of our clients don’t need any help there.

However, implementation of an automation system sometimes can become a quite complex endeavor. Like with any other digital transformation, the larger the company, the more moving parts are involved and the more effort is required to achieve the desired outcomes.

To make sure you get the best from the system, our team will help you efficiently implement PersiaHR in your company and take your recruitment process to the next level.

Together with you, we will review your current processes. Then we will recommend to you the most efficient ways of streamlining those with our system and create an implementation plan. Usually, the main components are: initial system set up, data migration, user training, and further support.

Initial system set up

We can help you set up the system and configure it to your needs:

  • Set up user accounts and roles.
  • Define recruitment stages for the most typical jobs.
  • Consult on the best practices of using the system depending on your situation.
  • Configure email templates, skills, staff categories, candidate sources, etc.
  • Set up your career website.
  • Implement custom fields for jobs or candidate profiles.

Data migration

Our team will help you move your existing candidate database to PersiaHR to make sure you transition to the new system seamlessly rather than start from square one.

Sometimes migrating your existing jobs, users and clients can also make more sense than manual set up. Our personnel search system makes the migration easier.

User training

The standard components are:

  • PersiaHR Workflow for Recruiters interactive webinars that will allow your staff to get a general understanding of the system. We will demonstrate the main functionality and recommend the best practices for using it in your unique environment. We will answer all your questions to make sure you have all the information you need.
  • Pre-recorded instructional videos and additional materialsthat will allow your team to get familiar with particular features of the system at their own pace.
  • System knowledge quiz to ensure the training quality.

We can also develop a tailored training plan for your recruitment team and other internal stakeholders.

User support

Once the system is up and running in your company, you will not be left alone — we are always here for you! Our team will be happy to help out anytime you have a question or experience any issues with the system.

System customization

In some cases, our developers can modify or extend the PersiaHR functionality to meet your unique requirements. The costs of customization are determined on a case-by-case basis.