Candidate search and selection

Candidate search and selection in PersiaHR

PersiaHR provides recruiters with power candidate search capabilities and flexible and adjustable hiring processes. Find relevant candidates in an instant and make your processes work for you! Recruitment process will be much more efficient!

Smart candidate search

You can easily find applicants in your database by:

  • Any text in their resume
  • Contact information such as phone number or email
  • Skills and staff categories
  • Past jobs they were linked to
  • Comments added by recruiters or clients

PersiaHR provides powerful text search options (by all words, any word, exact phrase) which allow you to find exactly what you need. If your company has a mass recruitment, a database search will make it much easier.

Flexible candidate selection process

  • PersiaHR supports flexible workflows allowing you to specify recruitment stages appropriate for each particular position. You can also use the default workflow and pre-defined stages which work perfectly in most cases.
  • When you search existing candidates in your database, you can link multiple candidates satisfying your criteria to a job in one click.
  • Candidates who apply to the job from your career site or from supported job boards, are linked to the job automatically.
  • You can rate the candidates to highlight the most relevant ones.
  • We keep closed jobs available in the system as well with all the candidates linked to them. You can quickly find candidates you already considered for a similar job in the past.
  • We collect and display important statistical data about every job. On the recruitment process map, you can see the current status of your open jobs:
    • How many candidates are linked to each stage.
    • How many interviews have been completed.
    • How close you are to filling the job.
  • You can use the recruitment funnel data to optimise your hiring processes.